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Why Z Dog ?

Dogs are social creatures. Group play builds confidence, manners and mental engagement in every dog who joins the Z Dog family. Whether you’re dog is experiencing boredom at home: shredding toilet paper, chewing on the rug, or simply enjoys being around other dogs and/or people, your dog will love spending time in our temperature controlled cage-free environment.

Daycare Benefits

  • increased confidence to meet and socialize with other dogs

  • increased listening and obedience skills
  • mental stimulation and physical engagement throughout the day

  • temperature controlled, comfortable indoor play space to relax and play
  • outdoor play space to romp and take care of doggy needs

  • exclusive admission to well-behaved dogs who pass temperament test


Monday to Friday 7:30 AM - 6:00 PM

All dogs are required to pass a temperament test / trial daycare.  In addition, according to state law, all canines must be current on their vaccinations, including Rabies, on their shots and spayed / neutered to enjoy our services. A Full day of Day Care starts at $40

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